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Warm Deck

Warm Decks

Roof deck – We install a minimum 18mm ply or OSB3. (OSB= Orientated Strand Board)

Alutrix Self Adhesive Vapour Barrier Bonded  with FG35 Primer

Inst-Stix PU Adhesive Glue Battens

Cellotex tissue faced insulation or similar

Install EDPM rubber roof as per installation instructions.

(NB. The self adhesive vapour barrier offers significant advantages over screw fixing as it enables the roof to be made watertight prior to the EPDM rubber membrane being installed.)

Building Regulations

Please consult Part “L” building regulations as the information printed above may have been superseded. We have attached a link here from London Flat Roofing explaining a little more about your obligations as a roofer and homeowner under Part L Building Regulations in relation to flat roofing:

Building Regulations Part L Explained ref: Flat Roofs